January Prayer Focus: Being vs. Doing

Thank you for the new life I have been given and live through the atoning work of your Son, Jesus. Jesus completed the work of my salvation and redemption through His death and resurrection and I now live for Him. Help me to remember that because our salvation is through His work and not our own that this life of faith is not primarily about what we now do, but who we are becoming through Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. I am always in the process of becoming, let me be intentional in pursuing You first through the disciplines of reading and studying your Word, prayer, fellowship with other believers, and service to others, so that I am becoming more like Christ. I don't want to just offer you what I do, but offer you myself and submit to your Lordship in all that I am. I am grateful for Your love and graciousness to me, help me to grow in love and graciousness to others so that they may see You in me.